Interview with Lindsay Duggan of Girl.Bike.Dog

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Founder Lindsay Duggan and her main designer Caroline Steinberg of Girl.Bike.Dog, specialize in fully custom messenger bags, bike accessories and dog accessories. Their newly minted store front business on 23rd and Bainbridge Streets in addition to providing custom made wares helps support the Philadelphia art community, showcasing and selling work by local artists and designers. Lindsay was interviewed by Laura Bonvini and Christine Ferri, two of Moore's BSA students.

LB & CF: What has it been like establishing a business in such a poor economy?
LD: We were lucky; my landlords own the building so I knew the spot was available.   Business tripled with the store opening, and many more people know about the business now.  As the economy improves, the business will improve as well.

LB & CF: What is your inspiration?
LD: Seriously, sometimes you just have to do it to pay the rent. But I do get a lot of inspiration by working with other artist. I love helping my friends with blowing glass and working in new mediums. I get inspiration when I am faced with new material, new designs, new appliqué.

LB & CF: Owning your own business must be stressful at times, what is the most difficult situation or task you have overcome so far?
LD: Hiring friends as employees. It is very difficult to balance the relationship between friend and boss. Also, making money. Sure, everything is paid for but you have to sacrifice a lot. You don't really make ends meet for at least 2 years.

LB & CF: If the opportunity to rent a space did not present itself, what would you be doing now?
LD: I would still be working out of my living room. I was always looking for spaces to rent but everything fell into place when I found this location. 

LB & CF: Do you have any advice for others who want to open a small business?
LD: Be dedicated!  Love what you are doing, I gave up a lot and started up the shop on my own without the help of loans.  Make sure you are serious and it’s definitely what you want to do. I knew what was going to happen, a lot of work and time. Expect to work very hard!  Eventually the hard work will pay off and you'll make ends meet!

LB & CF: How do you keep yourself motivated?
LD: I ride my bike out to Fairmont with my dog and swim in the river.  Other interests are gardening, cooking, dog walking, hanging out with friends, reading, and watching movies.


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